Spirit Cakes

Our famous Spirit Cakes are drenched with quality spirits. Saturated with moist flavor, our cakes will be a mouthwatering hit at any company party or as a gift. All the cakes can be made without spirits. Select your favorites from the list below. We also make gluten-free versions. Your Spirit Cake is presented sealed, gift-wrapped and packaged. We will add a card with your company logo. Cakes can be shipped, or can be picked up. — please call or contact us.

SPECIAL NOTES: Cakes are made to order. If you have any special request please ask. Although our cakes are made in a kitchen that uses nuts, we can accommodate nut-free requests and gluten-free. We can use any color ribbon.

Bourbon, Brandy & Rum Cake Details


NEW 2023: Apple Spice Brandy Cake:  Made with fresh apples,  apple brandy and drizzled with a butter salted caramel glaze.

NEW 2023: Cranberry Orange Liqueur Cake: Made with fresh cranberries, orange zest, orange liqueur butter glaze and drizzled with cranberry ganache.

 Black Forest Brandy Cake: very moist, dark chocolate with cherries and wild cherry Brandy.  Topped off with a white chocolate ganache.

1.5 pound $26.00 round cake

3 pound $52.00 round cake

Original Walnut Rum Cake: Classic yellow vanilla cake, walnuts, rum, and glazed with butter-rum

Almond Rum Cake: Rich almond cake, almonds, rum and glazed with butter-rum

Signature Chocolate Almond Rum Cake:  Dark chocolate cake, rum, almond and butter-rum & raspberry glaze. Drizzled with white chocolate

Pumpkin Raisin Rum Cake: Pumpkin spice cake with raisins, pecans, rum and finished off with a butter-rum glaze

Pineapple Rum Cake: Classic yellow cake with pineapple rum, macadamia nuts a butter-pineapple rum and pineapple glaze

French Chocolate Rum Cake:  Made with rich French imported chocolate, almonds, rum,  with a butter-rum and raspberry glaze. Drizzled with French chocolate sauce

Lemon Zest Rum Cake:  Classic lemon cake made with fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, limon rum with a butter-limon rum/ fresh lemon glaze and topped with a rich bittersweet chocolate sauce and lemon zest

Bourbon Carrot Cake: Made with fresh shredded carrots, ground pecans, raisins drenched in bourbon and a butter-bourbon glaze

Cake Sizes & Prices:

Walnut, Almond, Chocolate and Pineapple

1.5-pound $24.00, 3-pound $48.00

Apple Spice, Cranberry Orange, Lemon Zest, Pumpkin, Bourbon carrot, and French chocolate

1.5-pound $26.00, 3-pound $52.00

Cakes will keep fresh unrefrigerated for two weeks. Refrigerated for two months or longer if frozen.