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Baking for over 25 years

and now for you


Life is sweet. And freshly made cake desserts that are artfully and exquisitely embellished reflect those sweet, joyful events in life. Providing these for you is my mission.

Everything begins somewhere in time. About 25 years ago, I received a rum cake as a gift. It simply became my favorite go-to dessert. Inspired, I spent quite a long time creating and recreating the perfect recipe. As with interior design, striking that perfect balance is imperative. In baking, that balance provides the “Yum!” factor.

My specialty rum cakes can be tailor baked for you in a variety of flavors and liqueurs, as well as glazes. My favorite is the chocolate-almond-rum with a raspberry glaze; pure pleasure!

From rum cakes, I expanded into other novel cakes. Cake pops, to me, are just perfect. You don’t need a fork or a plate, and you can nibble away to satisfy your sweet tooth without over indulging. They are also the perfect canvas for edible art!

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and bake for you the best cakes in the world.

Fran Colby


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Specialty cakes made with or without fine liqueurs & siprits